<a href="http://gauge-repair.com/how-to-paint-your-instrument-gauge-cluster-needles/"><b>How to Paint Your Instrument Gauge Cluster Needles</b></a><p>Are you tired of those ugly, faded needles that need some attention? You’ve come to the right place, in this tutorial we are going to show you the Simplest, and</p> <a href="http://gauge-repair.com/strip-metal-bezel-for-paint/"><b>Strip Metal Bezel For Paint</b></a><p>There’s no doubt some painted-metal surface in your classic don’t look too classy, being as some of these parts are very delicate, and basically irreplaceable, we’re going to walk you</p> <a href="http://gauge-repair.com/remove-a-speedometer-needle-the-right-way/"><b>Remove a Speedometer Needle – The Right Way</b></a><p>There are two basic styles of speedometers, in this tutorial we are going to be cover a manual speedo. Other names for this type of speedometer are magnetic speedometer, manual</p> <a href="http://gauge-repair.com/fixing-a-cracked-partitioned-lens/"><b>Fixing a Cracked Partitioned Lens</b></a><p>Fixing a Cracked Partitioned Lens Alright, so you just broke the original lens to your shiny just-painted classic ride, or you are slightly less unlucky and someone else broke it.</p>
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